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Ceben field spaniel

 field or Field 
"field bred spaniel" or "Field Spaniel"?

There are several different spaniel breeds, par example the American Cocker Spaniel, the Irish Water Spaniel, the English Cocker Spaniel, the Welsh Springer Spaniel, the English Springer Spaniel, and, the Field Spaniel.

Par example the Cocker Spaniel and the Springer Spaniel are split into two types/strains, the show/conformation type and the working/field trial/field bred type.
A show/conformation English Cocker Spaniel and a working/field trial/field bred English Cocker Spaniel are two different types but still the same breed so both are registered as English Cocker Spaniel. The same goes for the Springer. 

The working/fieldtrial/fieldbred type of Cocker or Springer are often called ’field cocker’, ’field springer’, ’field bred spaniel’ and sometimes just ’field spaniel’, which all confuses things quite a bit.
A 'Field Spaniel' though is its own breed!

See more about the different breeds and types here:

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I Sverige kallas vanligen 'the working/field trial/field bred type' för jaktspaniel, jaktcocker eller jaktspringer nuförtiden så här blir det vanligen inte så förvirrande.